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9th March, 2021 Listen in to my new radio show!

Here's something a bit different: I now have my own radio show, on my favourite station The 90s Network.

The name of the show is "Now That's What I Call The 90s Network", and each week I go through one of the "Now Music" albums released in the 90s, playing the best music and recalling news stories, cinema releases, video games, and other things that happened at the time the album was released.

If you'd like to tune in, you can hear it at 16:00 UK time every Sunday afternoon. The 90s Network can be streamed from any of the following services:

MyTuner Radio and Radio.net apps are also available on most mobile platforms, including Sonos and Alexa.

It'll be great if you can join me each week and I hope you like the show!

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