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Round 13

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Round 13


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: water, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Wait at your starting position. After a few seconds one of the two Monstas will appear through the hole in the bottom of the level. Trap him and burst the bubble. A few seconds later the other of the Monstas not trapped within the heart-shaped platforms will appear through the same hole. Bubble and burst this one too. (Note that if you can't burst either of these, continue to trap both of them and then fall through the hole. You will be able to land on the trapped baddies and burst them at the top of the screen).

To finish off all the Monstas within the heart, simply fall through the hole to the top of the level and wait for the water bubbles to drift up to you. Stand above them so that they burst against you. The water will cascade through the heart and will most likely clear out all of the remaining Monstas. If any survive, keep throwing more water at them until they are cleared.

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