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Round 15

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Round 15


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: water, standard.
Clear fruit: ice lollies.


Jump up behind the Mighta on the left of the group of three baddies and bubble it. Then jump on to its platform and burst its bubble. Trap and burst the other two baddies on the same platform.

Jump out of that part of the level and climb up to the top/left of the level. Fill this part of the level with as many bubbles as you can, as they will all turn to fruit when this level is clear. Then stand underneath where the Zen-Chan are moving and wait until the space above you is clear. Jump up and bubble/burst all of them to clear the round.

Alternatively: after clearing the first three baddies, jump up to the right. Wait until water bubbles appear above you, and then burst them to clear out the Zen-Chan.

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