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Round 20

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Round 20


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: water, standard.
Clear fruit: tomatoes.


Jump up into the main area and bubble all three of the PulPuls. You should be able to burst these together for 4,000 points.

Now wait for a water bubble to appear nearby. Jump into it so that it washes you down the level but make sure you are facing to the right when you burst the bubble. You will be dropped through the left-side hole at the bottom of the level and will land on the single block platform above at the top of the level.

Assuming you are using the Original Game cheat (or are still on your first life), the treasure room door will appear immediately underneath you. Drop on to it to finish the round. Otherwise drop down and bubble the two Mightas to finish the level. Free tomatoes on this round so fill the screen with bubbles before the final bad guys are killed.

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