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Round 65

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Round 65


Difficulty: medium.
Bubbles: lightning, fire, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Before the monsters start moving, jump up to the Drunk and Invader on the left side of the level. As they start moving, bubble and burst them both. Jump up through the platforms and wait at the top/left corner of the level. Bubble and burst the Hidegon and Invader that fall from above, and then kill the Hidegon that appears at the top/right of the level.

Fall to the bottom of the tall vertical shaft and take out the Drunk that falls down behind you. To take out the final Drunk, jump into the platforms, and time your jump so that you can land next to it and trap and burst it without getting hit. If lightning bubbles are making an appearance, you can use these by dropping back through the central shaft to take them out too.

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