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Round 99

Show me!

Round 99


Difficulty: medium.
Bubbles: none.
Clear fruit: none.


Before the bad guys start moving, jump up beside the two Monstas in front of you and bubble and burst them. Then position yourself so that you are half a bubble's width from the vertical platform in front of you, jump up and blow a bubble. You should be able to jump over the bubble halfway up to the top of the level. Blow another bubble against the wall and jump over this to the top.

Burst the fire bubbles that have gathered at the top to kill the Drunk beneath you.

Walk to the left of the enclose you are in, and then back to the right. About halfway towards the right edge of the enclosure, jump, keeping moving to the right the whole time. You should find yourself falling gracefully through the solid vertical area platform, just to the right of the trapped PulPul. Each time you fall past it, blow bubbles at it. When you get your position just right it will be trapped and burst.

With this done, start moving to the right. After a few more trips through the level you should arrive in the platform at the bottom of the level to the right of the vertical shaft. From here you can easily bubble and trap the last two Monstas, and then repeat the technique from earlier to ascend to the top of the level and drop fire on to the last remaining Drunk.

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