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Retro Gaming

These pages are dedicated to the enjoyment of classic computer games from days gone by.

Retro Gamer articles

As published in Retro Gamer magazine

Title Description Published
Play it again, SID An article exploring the music chip from the Commodore 64 May 2004
Bubble Trouble A trip to the wonderful world of Taito's Bubble Bobble September 2004
Play to Win Ever wondered who won all those fantastic 80s game competitions? Here are the answers... June 2005

Arcade projects

Title Description Last Update
MAME Cabinet My upright MAME arcade cabinet January 2006
Driving Cabinet Work-in-progress information and pictures of my cockpit-style driving cabinet May 2006

Game guides

Title Description Last Update
Bubble Bobble level guide Complete guide to all 100 levels of Bubble Bobble August 2006