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CacheFont is a little utility that makes accessing your fonts significantly quicker -- in fact, near instant.

I was always annoyed when using any programs on my Amiga which involved fonts by the fact that when the program went to see what fonts were available, I was presented with a rather lengthy wait. I decided I'd finally had enough of this, and it was time to do something about it.

After some thought, I finally came up with a solution. This utility comes in two parts:

Installs or removes CacheFont (run it once to install the program, and a second time to remove it).
This program must be run before CacheFont can be used. It creates the list of fonts that CacheFont will use later in order to avoid reading the whole font list again.

CacheFont relies entirely on the files made by the MakeFontList utility. If your fonts directory is changed, CacheFont will not know anything about it unless you run MakeFontList afterwards. Even rebooting your machine won't change the list of fonts that CacheFont is aware of, so please run the MakeFontList utility every time you change your font directory. It takes only as long to run as a single font requester would've taken without CacheFont, and I think you'll agree that your font directory is changed much less often than you open a font requester!

CacheFont is available to download now

To download, please click here.

Current version: 1.1. Release date: September, 1994. Supported languages: English.

List of available fonts loads immediately
Works with nearly all applications
Uses very little memory (only a few kilobytes)
Tested with a large range of software and Kickstart versions

CacheFont is freeware -- you may download and use it for free.