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Amiga software

The following software is for the Amiga, running Kickstart 2.04 or later.

This software is all getting fairly old now, but I have left the files here in case anyone finds them useful. Please note that I no longer have an Amiga and am unable to support these programs in any way. There will not be future updates to any Amiga software downloaded from this site.

All Amiga software on this site is freeware -- you may download it and use it for free.

Title Description
CacheFont Vastly increase the speed of the Amiga's font requester
MineSeeker Attractive mine-sweeper clone
The Request program suite A number of command-line utilities to request types of data from the user
UUhx Fast UUencoding and UUdecoding
MenuBuilder Visual generation of pull-down-menus for C programmers
Screensavers Various screensaver modules for the Garshneblanker screensaver system
NetHack Tile Editor Customise the graphics for the popular game NetHack
Tile Fall Addictive tile-based strategy game