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If you've ever tried to send a binary file over (for example) an electronic mail network, you'll no doubt have realised that there are a few problems. Your mail system will completely mangle any binary files that you try to send, and the result will be a corrupt file arriving at the other end.

UUhx is a utility that will convert any binary files to a purely text file, or will convert the text file back to a binary file. It uses a standard known as 'UUencoding', and programs to encode and decode UUencoded files can be found on just about every computer platform in use today (UNIX, VMS, PCs, etc.).

UUhx is compatible with all these other UUencoding/decoding utilities, so it should be very easy for you to send and receive UUencoded files to/from other computer platforms using UUhx.

UUhx is available to download now

To download, please click here.

Current version: 1.01. Release date: June, 1995. Supported languages: English.

Extremely fast -- faster than the other Amiga UUencoders
Automatic archiving support allows files to be LhA or LZX compressed and encoded (or decoded and LhA/LZX decompressed) in a single operation.
Simple and flexible parameters

UUhx is freeware -- you may download and use it for free.