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MenuBuilder is a tool designed for programmers who work with an Intuition environment. It allows you to very easily create menu bars for use in your programs.

Your menus are designed using a graphical interface, which makes menu design much simpler to do than by entering menu data directly as sourcecode. MenuBuilder offers a variety of other advantages too, such as being able to test your menus in realtime. As you change the menu definitions, so the test menu changes to reflect this.

When you have designed your menus completely, MenuBuilder will generate all the sourcecode required to easily integrate them to your programs, and to interact with them without any code modification at all.

The only menus supported are Gadtools menus, and the only language supported is C.

MenuBuilder is available to download now

To download, please click here.

Current version: 1.1. Release date: January, 1996. Supported languages: English.

Visual design environment for extremely easy menu generation
Test menus with a single mouse-click
Sourcecode generation produces code which can be directly included in C code

MenuBuilder is freeware -- you may download and use it for free.