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MineSeeker is a clone of the popular game, mine sweeper.

When you first start MineSeeker, you will see a grid of squares on the screen. Each of these squares represents a location in an ocean. Some of these squares contain mines, the rest are empty. The object of the game is to locate and mark all of the squares that contain mines, so that they can be safely disarmed.

Start the game by clicking somewhere in the grid. The square you clicked on and those around it will clear away, leaving a space surrounded by numbers. These numbers tell you how many of the 8 squares surrounding them contain mines. You must use your skill and decuction to work out where the mines actually are located.

When you think you have found a mine, click on the square with the right mouse button. This will set the square as marked. If later on you decide that the square does not contain a mine after all, click the right mouse button on the square for a second time and the mark will be removed.

To uncover a square that you think does not contain a mine, click with the left mouse button. This will reveal more numbers if further bombs surround this square, or may reveal a larger section of the map if you have discovered an empty area. Be careful, if you left-click on a square that contains a mine, the game ends!

The game will not stop you marking squares that do not contain mines. If you do mark a non-mine square, however, you will not be able to complete the game until this mark is removed. It is very possible that when you think you have finished, the 'Mines left' display at the bottom of the screen will say something like 'Mines left: -1'. In this case, you have marked one square that does not actually contain a mine. You will have to carefully go over the map and see if you can discover this mistake.

As soon as you have marked every single mine (and not marked any non-mine squares!) the game is won, and any non-mine squares will be cleared. How quickly can you finish each of the difficulty levels?

MineSeeker is available to download now

To download, please click here.

Current version: 1.11. Release date: November, 1995. Supported languages: English.

MineSeeker is freeware -- you may download and play it for free.