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How to transfer ringtones to your Nokia 3510

One of the most asked questions about the Nokia 3510 in the alt.cellular.nokia newsgroups recently seems to be on the subject of how to transfer Midi files to the phone.

It took me a couple of days to figure it out too, and how I wished there had been some step-by-step documentation available to help me out. So in an attempt to make this process a bit easier for others, here is my step-by-step guide on how to do it.

What you will need

This tutorial explains how to download MIDI files using WAP, or Wireless Application Protocol. In order to complete the tutorial, you will need all of the following to be in place:

  • Your Nokia 3510's WAP browser configured and working.
  • A way of hosting the WML file and the MIDI file (either using web space provided by your ISP or by using IIS (Internet Information Server) on your own PC).
  • Some musical ability in order to create your MIDI files (though one is supplied later for test purposes).

If you think you have everything in place then let's get started.

Please pick one of the following topics.

Transferring Midi files to the Nokia 3510
Step 1. Introducing WML files
Step 2. Hosting the .wml file
Step 3. Testing your .wml files
Step 4. Transferring your first MIDI file
Step 5. Creating MIDI files for the Nokia 3510
Step 6. Using ModPlug Tracker
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