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Round 12

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Round 12


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: water, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


When the level starts move slightly to the right, then wait so that you are looking over the hole in the bottom of the level. Once the Monstas start moving, two of them should appear up through this hole, followed straight away by another that will be moving down from above. Trap all three of them.

Fall through the hole to the top of the level and wait a few seconds until the two Monstas beneath start moving down towards the bottom of the level. Then drop off the left of the platform you are standing on to burst the Monstas you bubbled earlier. The two Monstas below will turn around and start moving towards you again, capture them both and burst the bubbles as they drift towards you.

Wait by the hole on the right at the bottom of the level until the final Monsta appears through it. This can then be easily bubbled and despatched to clear the level.

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