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Round 18

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Round 18


Difficulty: easy-medium.
Bubbles: water, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


This level can be a bit chaotic. It's best to stay near the bottom of the level and let the Zen-Chan come to you -- as soon as you get above them they can jump up into you and become very hard to avoid.

Stay in the start location and two of the Zen-Chan will fall in front of you and can be easily killed. A third will fall down over the hole on the left of the level and can also be carefully bubbled and killed.

Then jump over to the middle platform at the bottom of the level. After a few seconds two more Zen-Chan will appear in front of you and can be killed. Then carefully fall through the right-side hole to the top of the level and despatch the one remaining bad guy to clear the level.

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