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Round 33

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Round 33


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: fire, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Jump up to the platform on the right and bubble the Zen-Chan in front of you, then burst its bubble. Head back towards the starting location and another Zen-Chan will fall down in front of you. This can also be trapped and burst.

At the top of the level, two Zen-Chan will be jumping up and down, but of these can be easily killed too. Two more Zen-Chan will be trapped within small enclosures within the level. Take these out by positioning yourself carefully underneath so that you just overlap with the enclosure. Then jump and and bubble each Zen-Chan. The bubbles may burst straight away, otherwise they will float to the top of the level, releasing the bad guys so that they fall down with the last remaining Zen-Chan in the big pit on the right of the level.

To clear the pit, fall through to the top of the level and push the fire bubbles that have accumulated over the gap above the pit. Burst them here and the fire will fill the bottom of the pit, clearing out all the remaining Zen-Chan.

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