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Round 35

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Round 35


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: standard.
Clear fruit: corn-on-the-cob.


When I first started playing Bubble Bobble, this was always the last round I could reach, I simply couldn't work out how to finish it. But it's actually fairly easy.

Trap and burst the three Zen-Chan that start at the bottom of the level. Then blow a bubble at the right edge of the level and start bouncing on it. Keep bouncing over and over until eventually you land on the platform above (as the bubble itself is bobbing up and down, you need to wait until you bounce on it at its highest position).

Move to the left side of the platform and wait until the nearby Zen-Chan are not directly above you, then jump up and to the left to land on the side of the huge "bubble" platform. All four Zen-Chan will jump up to the platforms above them. From here they can be easily trapped and burst. Remember to fill the level with bubbles before taking out the last one for free sweetcorn.

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