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Round 43

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Round 43


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: lightning, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


From your starting point, wait and look to the right. All of the bad guys except for one Monsta will appear in front of you and can all be trapped and burst. You can alternatively allow them to group at the top of the level for extra points, but in practise, bursting them as a group seems to be very difficult. To kill the last Monsta, fall through the hole to the top of the level and jump to the highest point on the platform in the middle of the level. When the Monsta is heading away from you, fall down to the right-most edge of the platform, and trap it as it makes its way back up the screen again.


The odd-looking character that forms the bulk of this level is actually Chank'n from an earlier Taito game, Chack'n Pop.

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