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Round 71

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Round 71


Difficulty: medium.
Bubbles: standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Move to the edge of the lower-left starting area and stand so that you are halfway off the edge of the platform over the hole. Blow a bubble in front of you, and as it floats towards you start bouncing on it. You will float up the edge of the central pit, where the three Banebous and two PulPul inside can all be trapped. Ride the bubble to the top of the level to burst the group.

Return to the lower-left corner and blow another bubble towards the central wall, then quickly turn and position yourself so that you are facing left, just to the right of the vertical wall of the enclosure containing the Zen-Chan. As the bubble floats back, bounce on it and trap the Zen-Chan as you rise past its enclosure. Repeat this technique for the remaining Zen-Chan on the other side of the level.

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