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Round 88

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Round 88


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: fire, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Most of the Zen-Chan will immediately drop into the bottom of the pit in the middle of this level, the challenge is how to get them out. Fire bubbles will float up from the bottom of the level, and must be positioned above the Zen-Chan in order to kill them all.

Left alone, they will eventually float above the pit on their own. However it may be helpful to "herd" them around the level. Blow a bubble and jump over it to the platform sticking out of the left edge of the level. Wait until the fire bubbles appear, and gently push them to the right. They will then cluster together up above you. Keep pushing the bubbles until they eventually reach the top/middle of the level.

Jump up to the very top and take out any Zen-Chan that are lurking at the top of the level. Then fall through the hole in the centre of the level, making sure to keep moving to the side so that you don't fall into the deep pit yourself. As you fall on the fire bubbles, the drops of fire will make their way to the bottom of the level and clear out all of the remaining Zen-Chan.

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