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Round 92

Show me!

Round 92


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: none.
Clear fruit: Bub!.


Another group of easy levels is ahead of us now. To clear round 92, jump to the top of the "O" shaped platform and bubble the nearest four Zen-Chan in front of you before they start moving. The remaining Zen-Chan will jump up in front of you after a few seconds. Allow all seven bubbles to group together at the top of the level, then jump to the top/left platform under the letter "M". Blow as many bubbles as you can and burst the group for maximum points and lots of free Bubs (sadly they're not extra lives).


The letters at the top of the level, "MTJ", can be entered on the Bubble Bobble high-score table to make a secret bonus appear on the first round of the next game played.

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