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25th August, 2005 Retro Gamer: The End?

Live Publishing, publishers of Retro Gamer magazine, appear sadly to have gone into administration this week. A spokesperson for Live contacted me yesterday morning to inform me of this news, telling me also that the staff that were employed to work on the magazine had left the company and no further issues will be published.

Myself and a number of other RG freelancers have decided to try to make something positive of the situation however, and have launched a new project called Retro Survival. We have set up a new message board along the same lines as the RG one, and hope that anyone that has an interest in retro gaming will come and join us. The message board can be found at http://forum.retrosurvival.co.uk. If you participated in the old RG forum then both the layout and the user base should seem rather familiar.

We are also planning to release a CD or DVD containing as much unpublished Retro Gamer material as we can get our hands on (work that was completed for the unpublished issue 19 and beyond), as well as "extended" versions of a large number of previously-published articles and some juicy behind-the-scenes information built up over the last year. We plan to release this for a fairly low price (perhaps about the same price as an issue of RG) and hope that it is popular with those of you that enjoyed the magazine.

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