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This page lets you see some statistics about the most-viewed and least-viewed of the videos attached to each round of the level guide. This page is not automatically updated, I will try to remember to update the values from time to time.

The 10 most-viewed level guide videos:

Round 1001446519.9%
Round 9962318.57%
Round 9722583.11%
Round 9821752.99%
Round 121062.9%
Round 7118412.53%
Round 3514181.95%
Round 9512991.79%
Round 9611571.59%
Round 1911331.56%

The 10 least-viewed level guide videos:

Round 342610.36%
Round 762530.35%
Round 412480.34%
Round 702470.34%
Round 472440.34%
Round 242420.33%
Round 812370.33%
Round 512150.3%
Round 682110.29%
Round 551890.26%

Last updated: 2008-01-26

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